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How About Those Butt Plugs?

How About Those Butt Plugs?

Does the idea of using a butt plug excite you?  Do you feel naughty when you think of inserting one in your ass and wearing it to work or having one up your butt while you rake the yard or better yet preparing yourself for a hot date by sticking one into your anal canal with the hopes of the night turning steamy and your date later discovering WOW!! your ass is plugged?  And I'm not talking plugged by his 7 inch dick or the strap-on harness she has on under her slinky white dress. I'm talking sexy hot butt plugs here; the kind that make you squirm with delight!

For anyone new to the word butt plug, a butt plug or anal plug, if you have a preference for choice of words is a sex toy that is inserted into the anus.  It has a flared base and a tapered head to keep it from slipping all the way into the rectum. They vary in sizes, are typically 1.5 - 4 inches in diameter and approximately 5 inches in length.  Butt plugs can be smooth in design, ribbed like a penis or a number of other textures.  They come in many different colors; are made out of different materials such as latex (one of the most popular), silicone, and glass.  You can even find them made out of stone and metal! Some butt plugs are inflatable, vibrate, stimulate the prostate gland (these are different looking than your traditional butt plug) and even ejaculate!  Are your juices flowing with curiosity yet?

Some people like the fullness a plug offers when inserted comfortably into their ass and wear them for many hours. The design of the butt plug works with the sphincter muscles to keep it in place when properly inserted into the anus. Like a dildo, butt plugs are great sex toys and  can create quite a bit of pleasure. But don't let the name butt plugs keep you from using your creativity. Don't hesitate to use your imagination by making one a pussy plug or a mouth plug!  Just keep it clean, peeps!  Keep toys that have been in your ass used for ass play only. After each use, always sterilize your toys, wash them with soap and water or use special sex toy cleaners made specifically for your  toys. We encourage uninhibited SEXUAL FUN, not germs or virus'!

For those new to ass play, using butt plugs for the first time can be a pain in the ass.  As the anal canal doesn't get moist like a vagina, the use of lubricants will enhance the ease of inserting a butt plug and make it more pleasurable.  The type of lube used will depend on individual preference and the material the butt plug is made from.  Whichever you choose, use plenty of it! Also beware, as it can get quite messy, it is a great idea to have a towel hand for any cleanup you might find necessary.      

For some, getting used to a butt plug takes little conditioning.  They lube a 1.75 inch plug, glide it in and out of their ass opening and before long, its found a new home!  For others, it doesn't work quite that easy. While there are very slim butt plugs designed for anal training, a finger, or a partner's finger will work just as well as long as it is kept well lubed.  Begin by teasing and tickling ther anus with a well lubed finger (either your own or your partner's). Gradually slide your finger into the rectum, gently working it in and out.  As you feel the anus loosen, add another finger or two to the mix. (just remember to keep them well lubed). Feel those nerve ending tingling?  If you feel resistance, relax!  Play with your clitoris; stroke your cock as you glide your fingers in and out of your ass.

As you feel yourself becoming nicely loosened, replace your finger(s) with a small or medium sized very well lubricated butt plug.  Just as you did with your fingers, work it in and out, pushing it further inside you as you do so.  If you feel any pain, STOP!  The idea is to feel pleasure, not pain.  If you don't meet with success the first time, try it again another time.  However, if your ass is waking up with  delightful sensations  of a pulsating pussy or a throbbing cock, keep going baby! Gently push it deeper until you are locked & loaded! 

The more we become  comfortable with our bodies and are aware of our own sexuality,  the more we can give and take from our partners. It makes for healthy, happy, and sexy!! relationships!  

©2009 theFetishGarden


This article was published on Monday 29 June, 2009.
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