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Five Essential Items Every Sensual Woman Should Have

1. No way, no how, should any woman be without sexy lingerie. It can enhance any mood; it's great for lounging or seduction. Not only does it feel good to wear, it's sure to spark an interest in your lover's eye!

By the way, it's even fun to wear under your clothing while running errands. See if your partner can feel that "Oh, what a 'naughty 'n nice' vibe it gives off!!! I know mine does!!

2. Showers are great with a partner, but sometimes for that extra bit of intimacy, imagine: the gentle flicker of candles recently lit, soft music playing from the stereo, and the aroma of your favorite bath oil drifting throughout the room as you and your partner slowly undress each other to bathe. Ever been turned on by smells? Ohhhh! If it weren't for those lovely lotions, potions and elixirs!

3. No woman should be without a favorite vibrator. It can be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be. Just something to have for those times when well, you need it! Not only can it be a stimulating and satisfying 'tool' to use by yourself, it's a fun thing to share with your partner!

4. Music, music, music! What a great aphrodisiac! It's great for slow dancing with your partner; slow dancing with yourself, or a favorite, erotic dancing that finds yourself writhing on the floor in self pleasure as your partner watches. It isn't just enjoyment of knowing they are watching you, but also knowing they will soon be joining you coupled on the floor! Ohhhhh! Yeah!!!

5. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. When you feel sexy, you exude sensuality. Nothing is sexier than confidence!


This article was published on Wednesday 18 March, 2009.
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