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Why He Wants You To Swallow

Reasons He Wants You To Swallow

Almost anyone who has performed oral sex on their male partner has probably heard the words "Swallow it for me, baby!" just as he was about to shoot his load into the back of your throat.  While many are turned off by the thought of swallowing the gooey stuff,  have you ever wondered WHY YOUR man gets excited by the thought of you swallowing his cum?

Looking for insight, we asked some very open minded men just what it was about swallowing their cum that turned them on the most. Hopefully, these answers will give some insight into this and open doors for dialogue for mouths with sealed lips.

What do you say? Are you ready to open up and say Aaaugh! as you wrap you mouth around your HE-Man's shaft twirling your tongue around his cock as you suck him until he squirms with explosive desire? Make him proud! Show him the booty in your mouth, then slowly swallow it; ever so seductively smiling as you do so.  What a hard to resist partner you would become!

For some men,  the act of swallowing their wad is about control. They enjoy the power and the feeling that is evoked when an obedient submissive, upon hearing the words, "Swallow it!", does just that. If your relationship is about Power and Control, what a perfect gift you can give to you Dominate partner!  

While in the act of cock sucking, don't be afraid to make the grunting sounds he enjoys, when it comes time for this type of guy to shoot his load, don't hesitate to tell him where you'd like it.  In your loveliest voice, "Please, Master, please, may i swallow it?"  Don't forget to look him in the eyes as you do this.  Feel the connection between the two of you as you finish the act? Don't spill a drop!  This type of relationship is delicious!  While sometimes he likes to tell you what to do with it, other times, it's most enjoyable to hear his submissive tell him what they want from him. Power control, Power Exchange!  The D/s relationship is one of the most beautiful and least understood relationships of all.

Other men feel the act of swallowing his cum to be very intimate.  They find it romantic that their partner is willing to accept not just part of him, but ALL of him.  He enjoys seeing how turned on his partner is by not just sucking his cock, but swallowing the jizm that comes from it, too. To him, this is an act of total acceptance by his partner and a display of someone who wants as much of him as he can offer.  It's easy to understand why they feel closer to the partner who swallows as opposed to the one who won't even put the effort into attempting to learn the skill.

The pleasure a man feels while his cock is being sucked is different from the sensation that is created while he cums while oral sex is being performed upon him. While some guys like to be sucked then fuck, other men prefer the pleasurable feeling of cuming in their partners mouth as they fuck it. They enjoy the feeling of their partner's mouth
rapped around their shaft as they thrust in and out  of their mouth getting ready to cum. They get off on hearing the different sounds one makes. Don't be fooled by this .... often times, the partner is getting excited by doing this too! The sounds of gag reflexes from a cock thrust deep into the back of a throat which many men find enjoyable, to a soothing partner's mouth  wrapped around a hard shaft, making quiet sucking sounds as their partner milk every last drop of cum from the tip of the cock with the hopes of swallowing as much of this elixir as possibly is considered to be divine!  Making it more explosive by all parties involved, is when the man groans and tells his partner how much he enjoys what is being done to him and other delicious ways he enjoys his cock sucked.  Communication is sooooooooooooooooooo sexy, peeps!!

Many men find swallowing cum to be a slutty and desirable thing for their partner to do. It's hot! While there are guys who don't want their partner to swallow their wad,  he's rather a rare breed. More men  prefer their partner 'finish' the act.  If we are totally honest with ourselves about our sexual needs and fantasies, how many of us don't understand the concept of 'finishing the act'? While there are certainly other ways to bring a man to orgasm besides swallowing his seed, we are advocates for experimentation and proponents for finishing up in as many different ways as possibly! Who wants to be left hanging??

While sucking a guy off and swallowing his cum demonstrates to him you care about his pleasure, what it really tells him is Hey!  I'm also having a good time here!  I do this not to make less cleanup, but because I am into you, my partner, and I like it! Above all, when it comes to partners, shouldn't  this be the best reason for giving it a try? I am into you and I want to please you? (By the way, peeps, that works both ways ... you should both be willing to give and take.)  

If you haven't mastered the art of swallowing your man's cum, why not see the kind of pleasure he derives from it and find out where your sex life might go from there? It might turn out to be explosive!

This article was published on Saturday 27 June, 2009.
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